You see warped shingles on your roof or worse yet – you’ve have found a leak! You’re building a home and need a contractor for the roof. In any of these scenarios, you need to find a roofing contractor to help you out. But, not just any roofing contractor will do, finding a good contractor will save you from the risk of having more water damage due to a job poorly done, unwanted structural damage, as well as costly repairs that will pop up in the future.

To aid you in finding the best roofers, below are some tips to consider when looking for such an expert.

Look For a Contractor That Specializes in Your Requirements

When you are searching for a contractor to look after your roofing requirements, stay away from those that say they can do everything perfectly. Rather, look for a company that specializes in things, such as, shingle replacement. They will, therefore, have the necessary experience required to handle your project.

Compare Companies Before Selecting One

It is a good idea to do your research and compare different roofing contractors before selecting one. Do not simply hire the company which comes up first on your search. Compare some businesses so that you can be sure to hire the one who is qualified to carry out the work. Compare estimates to get a ballpark price range. Then it will be easier to rule out any that is way too high. Be on the alert too for estimates that are very low in comparison to others, the company may not be as qualified.

Consider References

Any company that you are thinking about, should be able to provide some references from past clients.  Take the time to call some of these references so that you can get to know how the company conducts its business.

You can also check for reviews of the company online, whether Google reviews or any other social outlet. Be alert, however to fake reviews and references.

Ask People You Know To Suggest A Good Roofing Contractor

If someone you know has experience working with a roofing contractor, this can help you out. If it is someone you trust, you will be sure you’re receiving a correct assessment of the contractor. Ask them about the experiences they had. Do not hesitate to ask them anything that is on your mind. References can likely help you find someone trustworthy and dependable.

Select A Company Which Provides A Free Estimate

The company which you select should provide a free assessment of the damage that the roof has. A roofing company that charges for this service is not likely the best to select. Consider exploring the potential cost so that you are not stuck later on in the process.

Insurance Is Important

It is necessary for you to check if the company has insurance. Whoever is working on the roof should be insured and offer workers’ compensation. If any disaster happens, which is possible, then you will be released from any liability. Therefore this is something that you should not forget to check.

Find A Roofing Contractor That Provides Warranties

A company that has integrity will completely stand by their work. Be alert of those companies that offer only verbal warranties and guarantees on work done. The company should be held accountable for its work.  Ensure you get the warranty in writing and that it is posted on their website.  Some roofing companies will offer a Lifetime warranty or a 10-year warranty.

Everything Should Be Provided In Writing

Before you hire someone, be certain that you understand clearly what is included on the estimate and what is not, as well as what is expected of you.  Get everything in writing so that you have proof with you. This aids in limiting miscommunication as well as frustrations. Be sure to outline in writing as well any expectations you have that are not covered on the estimate and ensure you have written correspondence on same.

Observe Pictures

When researching a company’s website, look carefully at pictures they have of recent jobs. If they are any detailed pictures having descriptions, these prove that the company is a legitimate one and are not scammers. But be sure that these pictures are not fake and are real pictures of the company’s work.

When you need to hire a roofing contractor, take the time out to do the research and look for a trustworthy company that is reputable. Ask any questions you have and be certain that your expectations and the roofing contractors’ expectations are clear to both of you.

Statewide Construction LLC is a reputable roofing contractor serving Raleigh and it’s environs.  Owner, Clay Curtis, is a NC Licensed General Contractor, and Raleigh native who knows the roofing industry well. Schedule a free consultation with Clay today for an honest and fair assessment of your roof.