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Why Roof Replacement is Mandatory, Not Optional

Soon you will realize the importance of protecting your roof.

Water is the main destruction of roofs. Also, roofs tend to be weakened by elements depending on your location. Irrespective of how glamorous your home seems to be as at now, it will need roof replacement after it reaches 20-25 years. Start saving up and shopping for the best roofing contractor and materials, because it will be a necessity.

Repair is also an option of taking care of your roof. It is part of maintenance services. Minor damages from occasional extreme weather can easily be handled by quick repair by professionals, but this won’t be a lasting solution. Roof weakens with every damage, therefore, the moment you do the first repair, you should be planning for a replacement before it becomes an emergency (if your roof has reached its normal life span expectancy).

No matter how tough and durable your roof is, it gets weak with time. Some locations predispose roofs to more damage than others. Every roofing company will highlight the durability of its roofs because it is what customers want to hear. While you should go for one that lasts the longest, do not be naive to believe it will last you a lifetime – unless you have a written guarantee.

In fact, roof replacement is mandatory, not optional if your roof has reached its life expectancy. Here is why:


Buying a new house is probably one of the most fulfilling aspects of life. It is a big achievement to own a home. There is also pride in the design of the home with both the exterior and interior customized. The appearance of your house defines your personality; when the roof fades, no matter how beautiful the interior is or how unique the structure is, fading of the roof or multiple instances of repair compromise on its appearance.

A damaged roof is like walking in tattered clothes. You make a poor impression. You should be proud to bring your parents and friends to your home several years after moving in.


Repairs and touch-ups always seem cheap, but it is far from reality. Repair costs are low, no doubt; but you will need to pay for several repairs to maintain the quality of your roof. Also, repairs mean the roof is weak; you will need to pay the roofing company at close intervals to keep checking and fixing the roof. In the long term, the costs will be higher than paying for a new roof at once.

Roof replacement comes with extra services. The roofing company will offer a free consultation.  The low cost of repairs is only a mirage that will accumulate over time. If you would keep track of the repair costs you have incurred so far, it must be exceeding the cost of roof replacement.


Roof replacement is a one-time and lasting solution. You will only have to schedule one or two days with the roofing company to remove and replace a new roof. After this, you won’t have to worry again about leakage or appearance of your house. You won’t need to keep calling the roofing company for consultations or quick fixing.

For repairs, you will be inconvenienced on several occasions in a month because you have to stay back at home to supervise the repairs and ensure the specific areas are fixed. Also, a damaged roof with constant repairs risks damage to your property. You never know when one section will fail or when it will leak may destroy your floor, or other items in your home, potentially causing mold and mildew.

A roof replacement ensures that you are protected from the elements and will be an asset when selling your home.  If your roof is nearing its expectancy, you may as well absorb the benefits while you are still in the home, rather than having it be a negative negotiating tool when selling.

Statewide Construction LLC provides commercial and residential roofing solutions for the Raleigh and Wake Forest areas and their environs. If you are not sure whether or not your home or business needs a new roof, contact Statewide’s owner, Clay Curtis, a Licensed General Contractor and Raleigh native. We’ll help you make a decision, and if repairs (instead of replacement) are all you need, we can help with that, as well.

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